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~~ Love Notes
Loving the Turnip Way... it's for everyone!


"The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us,
and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us,
and we only know them when they are gone." -- George Eliot


  Love Notes - Excerpts from Turnip's Speaking Engagements 

"...Although people with dementia or Alzheimer's need angels, the world of today is not exactly conducive for the survival of angels. It is necessary for an angel to be tough, resilient and stubborn, at times. The medical community needs to continue giving encouragement and love to these angels. We can't afford to lose one more angel in our profession. I believe angels are the answer. We need a collected, elite group of angels changing the face of Alzheimer's through love..." ~ Turner Stimpson; What's Love Got To Do With It?

 "...Bridging research and care is truly a challenge. There are questions that need to be asked and answered before the bridge is ready for traffic. Bridges are made to connect people with places and things in a timely manner. If one is late getting to the bridge, especially a drawbridge, an individual may experience not only detainment in his journey, but frustration and fatique. Research for a cure for Alzheimer's continues to march on across that bridge, while society, seemingly can't make up it's mind where they stand on the subject of Alzheimer's..."  ~ Turner Stimpson; Where Have All the Angels Gone?

"...The TURNIP Approach teaches us that conversations of the heart don't require two talkers. They require one talker and one devoted listener. Listening is an art form and a heart form and it requires the tools of an artist along with a sensitive heart. The listener needs to have an inquisitive mind and the ability to see something of beauty where none existed previously. Love is patient and patience is required; just as the Cistine Chapel was not created in a day, rapport between the Azheimer's patient and the listener takes time. Their stories are often grounded in years past, repetitive in nature, and seemingly without merit or beauty..." ~ Turner Stimpson; A Listening Heart

"...I realized that God had given me a very large heart, like The Tin Man, and along with it, the gift of love. It was time to recognize this precious gift and use it. In my mind, everything was finally in place. I was aware of my gift, but most importantly, I realize I wanted to share it..." ~ Turner Stimpson; Have You Ever Been Mellow Or Better Yet, Have You Ever Been Rusty?


Share a divine and shining moment...look for a loving look, a listening heart, a lingering moment...

This might be the day!


Click to View Video > Turnip travels in time with an Alzheimer's couple

 Video published in 2008, courtesy Denver Celebration DAYSTAR Television