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Loving the Turnip Way... it's for everyone!

"Turner Stimpson (Turnip to his friends) has an infinite capacity to help people with dementia feel safe and secure. Love Spoken Here could inspire people to follow his lead."

Lisa Gwyther, MSW, LCSW; Director at Duke Family Support Program - Duke Center for Aging Durham, NC

"I loved this book and couldn't put it down. What's In a Name? makes you realize that every person you meet in life has their own unique 'beingness' which makes them special. It really brings home the importance of caring for people we meet in our everyday lives."

Marsha Friedman, President, Event Management Services - Clearwater, FL

"Love Spoken Here is a delightful, heartfelt collection of true life stories. Through his altruistic pursuits caring for the elderly, Turner Stimpson has learned how to turn the lights back on in the world of so many dementia patients. Instead of lamenting the loss of the person they once were, Turner uses humor, love and respect to celebrate the amazining people they still are. Turner is a true inspiration to all caregivers."

Lori Schneider, M.D. - Neurologist - Cornelius, NC

"Turnip Everlasting leaves us with the shared hope that someone will see the letter of our true selves written on our hearts in our time of great need. As that person reads our letter and applies The Turnip Approach, a connection will be made. That connection with another will bless us with the gift of the reafirmation of our personhood and will bear witness of our common humanity."

Rev. Betsy Haas Faughn, M.Div., MSW, LCSW - Charlotte, NC